Welcome to my blog!

Does anyone ever actually read these pages? oh well.

I’ll start by introducing myself as a 17 year old girl from the UK who actually used to HATE writing in school, in fact, English was my least favourite subject, even ahead of P.E! Although now I think I didn’t like it because I was basically given a topic and told that’s what I was doing, its so much different than having the freedom of a blog and writing about things I like and am passionate about.

I decided to make this blog because I started reading other blogs a few months back, I did read a few before then but not many, and I thought “I could definitely do that”. So now here I am, on my free website, probably covered with ads and other rubbish that isn’t supposed to be there, I don’t have the budget to have a fancy website designer or my own domain name but it doesn’t bother me as the reason I started this was just as a hobby because I enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy my posts just as much as I enjoy writing them, please leave feedback on the comments as I would love to know what you think or if you would like me to write a post about anything let me know!

Thank you for reading this if you actually got this far LOL x