AHH! EXCITED FACE… I FINALLY GOT A LIP KIT. I’m sure you will all have heard of these, they have literally taken over the internet the past few months.



Ok so, since I am in the UK I was almost always asleep when Kylie restocked these lip kits, but one weekend I was still awake and it was about 2am (savage, I know), I happened to go on Instagram and seen that 14 minutes ago, the lip kits had been restocked. I was thinking to myself they were probably already sold out because they always sell out super quick, I went online and tried anyway and I actually managed to get one. I did originally have 2 of them in my basket (Koko K and Candy K) but I ended up just going with the 1 because it was working out so expensive for shipping to the UK plus 2 lip kits and I had seen some mixed reviews about them previously so I decided one would be better to see if I liked it.


The total cost was almost £50 due to the fact when it arrived here in the UK I then had to pay customs charges on top of the shipping charges I already paid. Very annoying. I was going to force myself to like this even if I didn’t because I didn’t want to waste that much money!

Normally, I am not a lip gloss/lipstick person, I very rarely wear it and I don’t think I have ever worn a lip liner but I wanted to see what the hype was about with these lip kits. The colour I went with was Koko K as I wanted to keep it nude and as natural as possible and this seemed like the perfect shade for that. I have done 2 swatches below one with the flash and one without. I haven’t actually done a swatch of the lip liner because I broke the tip off and don’t have a sharpener here (I hate myself).

The shade is, essentially, just as I said before a natural nude with more pink undertones and a slight brown as well. The thing I was most impressed with was actually the smell of it! Honestly, the best smell from a lip gloss, not even joking. It is so sweet, like icing (or frosting) and if I could eat it… I 100% would. I am actually tempted to take a little bit on my finger and taste it.

I have seen people complaining about the formula but honestly, mine is completely fine and the applicator applies it so well even for me, I am the WORST at applying any type of lip product, I can never get it to actually stay on my lip I always go over the edges but for once in my life… IT DIDNT HAPPEN WITH THIS. It’s a miracle (no really, it is, I’m terrible at it). I feel like I need to mention how amazing this product is at staying on, like literally, it Will. Not. Move. I could probably go in a shower and this would still be on and completely intact, it is honestly amazing. Trying to get it off my lips was an absolute task, same with the swatch on my arm! but of course a great thing, need that lipstick on all day.

Back to the lip liner (pre broken), I did give it a try and I have to say I’m just not a fan of that, which to me isn’t a huge deal because I don’t actually use them anyway and even if I did like it, I probably still wouldn’t use it just because as I mentioned I am the worlds worst at applying lip products. I over lined and it was a disaaaaster but that was completely my fault obviously.  I think the main reason I didn’t like it was because I felt it didn’t apply smoothly and come off with a great colour straight off, I went over quite a few times to try and get the right colour from it. Although, again, maybe just me with my terrible lip skills.

I would definitely buy this product again, but I would probably miss out on the liners and just stick to buying the single lipsticks. I am in NEEEED of the new metallic shades, have you seen Heir though!? but I do want to wait until I find a few that I want so I can order them all at the one time to try avoid lots of individual customs charges, they are the worst, I ALREADY PAID MY DELIVERY JUST GIVE ME IT.

Let me know below if you have any lip kits or if you plan on buying any, what do you think of them and what are your favourite colours?



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