Is it too early for Christmas gift ideas? (if so, this is also great for a birthday gift so we can work with it!)

My blog begins here, with this – Ted Baker Treasure Chest Gift Set.


I received this as a present from my boyfriend for Christmas 2015 or Valentines Day 2016. Ps. Yes, I feel bad that I cannot remember for the life of me which one it was, and I feel extra bad that I haven’t actually used it yet.

I feel like you can never go wrong with a lovely gift set at Christmas time, as a Valentines present, birthday present or even just as a little gift. It is basically a fool-proof gift. Everyone loves a gift set! Especially when it has things in that people will actually use (unless of course, you are me and forget about it, oops!)

This gift set in particular comes in a really nice floral, pink box (which, by the way, when you open it the smell is AMAZING). Inside you will find

  • Body wash (200 ml)
  • Body spray (150 ml)
  • Body lotion (250 ml)
  • Bubble bath (50 ml)
  • Hand cream (50 ml)
  • Bar of soap

As previously mentioned I hadn’t actually used any of these products up until now mainly because I actually forgot I had this, but Oh My Goodness… how thankful I am that I stumbled across this again. I did end up using the hand cream, body spray and body lotion before I started writing. The smell is something that I haven’t actually smelt with any other products that I can think of, it is very fresh but not too generic and you can smell a hint of sweetness breaking through but it isn’t too overpowering. I normally don’t fall in love with these type of products just because there are so, so many out there to try, I almost always buy a different shower gel or body spray every time I run out just because I like to try new brands and new scents, but this something I would definitely reach for again and again.

Although I did feel quite bad at searching for the price just because it was a gift, I did go and have a look just so I could write it here, and since this was bought quite a while ago I can’t find this exact one for sale anymore but I did find similar ones on Boots ranging between £12 – £25 and for a few full size products, it is DEFINITELY a bargain I would 110% recommend this if you just cannot seem to find something for that one last gift. This is a winner for that.

Let me know if you have this, which is your favourite thing? My favourite has to be the body spray just because I just LOVE body sprays and perfumes and anything I can spray on myself.




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